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University: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Professor: Alexander M. Wyglinski

Department: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research: Multihop Routing in Dynamic Spectrum Accessing Networks

This research mainly focuses on QoS routing in dynamic spectrum accessing (DSA) networks. New transmission technologies such as cognitive radio applied in DSA networks enable agile transmissions and provide larger transmission capacity. Nodes within DSA networks possess more information about the surrounding wireless spectrum within the vicinity and are thus able to choose an appropriate frequency band for transmission. In this research, we are trying to devise a collection of QoS routing algorithms that can efficiently utilize the wireless spectrum information in order to reach higher throughput values and lower latency penalties for DSA networks.

In particular, we are developing an algorithmic approach where each node is operating according to its local wireless spectrum information while simultaneously achieving a near-optimal routing path and spectrum allocation.This research activity will involve the use of OPNET with respect to simulating QoS routing algorithms in DSA networks, as well as some spectrum allocation mechanisms. A DSA MAC module will be devise, while all other spectrum allocation and routing algorithms will be subsequently implemented. All the algorithms developed in this research will be tested within the OPNET environment.

The abovementioned activity forms a major component of the dissertation research of Ph.D. student, Mr. Jingkai Su.

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