Wyglinski_newsAlexander M. Wyglinski, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director, Wireless Innovation Laboratory

Ph.D. Students

bengiBengi Aygun
Doctoral Research Interests: Cooperative Communications, Vehicular Networks, MIMO
berjBerj Bardizbanian
Doctoral Research Interests: Digital Communications, Biological Signal Processing
traviscollinsTravis Collins
Doctoral Research Interests: Cognitive Radio Security, Test-Beds, Software-Defined Radio Implementations
pauloPaulo Victor Ferreira
Doctoral Research Interests: Satellite Communications, Software-Defined Radio Implementations, Adaptive MAC Protocols
zoeZhu “Zoe” Fu
Doctoral Research Interests: Digital Pre-Distortion, Spectrally Agile Waveforms, RF Front End Characterization
raquelRaquel Machado
Doctoral Research Interests: Software Defined Radio Architectures, Communication Theory, Vehicular Communications
nopicSteven Olivieri
Doctoral Research Interests: Wireless Security, Near-Field Communications, Signal Intelligence
jksuJingkai Su
Doctoral Research Interests: Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks, Distributed Networking, Multi-Hop Routing

M.S. Students

nopicMatthew Allen
Graduate Research Interests: Software-Defined Radio Implementations, Field Programmable Gate Arrays
nopicNicholas DeMarinis
Graduate Research Interests: Cellular Security, Information Security

Visiting Researchers

aleksiAleksi Marttinen
Ph.D. Student, Aalto University, Finland
Fulbright Fellow
January 2014 – June 2014
mohtaMai Ohta
Ph.D. Student, University of Electro-Communications, Japan
July 2011 – August 2011


Le Wang M.S., July 2013
Di Pu Ph.D., April 2013 Employed at Analog Devices
Sean Rocke Ph.D., April 2013 Faculty at University of West Indies
Nathan Olivarez M.S., April 2013 On Duty with U.S. Air Force
Harika Velamala M.S., April 2013 Employed at MathWorks
Si Chen Ph.D., January 2013 Employed at Cisco
Amit Sail M.S., October 2012
Srikanth Pagadarai Ph.D., January 2012
Devin Kelly M.S., April 2011 Employed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Michael Leferman M.S., October 2009 Employed at Lockheed
Kevin Bobrowski M.S., September 2009 Employed at Pratt & Whitney
Yuan Zhou M.S., April 2009