Archive for November 30, 2010

Wyglinski Talk at UNH

Professor Wyglinski gave an invited presentation, entitled: “Applications of Cognitive Radio to Vehicular and Satellite Communications,” at the University of New Hampshire Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering seminar series.

Wyglinski Invited to Serve as Symposium Co-Chair

Professor Wyglinski was invited to serve as the co-chair of the “Cognitive Radio Networks” Symposium at the 2011 IEEE Global Communications Conference (IEEE GLOBECOM 2011) along with Professors Qing Zhao (University of California Davis), Natasha Devroye (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Richard Yu (Carleton University) in Houston, TX, USA.  IEEE GLOBECOM and its sister conference, the IEEE International Communications Conference (IEEE ICC), are the flagship conferences of the IEEE Communications Society (IEEE COMSOC).

New Video: Vehicular Communications Research @ WI Lab

A new video has been posted to the website of the WPI Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering highlighting the vehicular wireless spectrum measurement research activities currently underway in the Wireless Innovation Laboratory.  This research was sponsored by the Toyota InfoTechnology Center U.S.A., and the video describing these activities can be viewed by clicking here.

Wyglinski Presents at ReSpace/MAPLD 2010

Professor Wyglinski gave a presentation, entitled: “Responsive Satellite Communications via FPGA-Based Software-Defined Radio For SPA-U Compatible Platforms” at the 2010 Responsive Space/Military-Aerospace Programmable Logic Devices Conference (ReSpace/MAPLD 2010) in Albuquerque, NM, USA.