The Wireless Innovation Laboratory (WI Lab) is an internationally renowned research facility founded in July 2007 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute that conducts both fundamental and applied research in order to solve technically challenging issues involving wireless spectrum, data transmission, communication systems and networking, and security.

Our Mission


To educate and mentor the next generation of innovators and technological leaders


To conduct both fundamental and applied research as well as construct proof-of-concept prototypes


To find solutions to technological challenges that are relevant to today’s society and are of National Interest

Our Core Competencies


Wireless Communication Systems Engineering


wilab_cubesatSatellite Communication Systems


Electromagnetic Spectrum Security

Connected Vehicles
Cognitive and Software-Defined Radio

Our Research Sponsors

WI Lab has had extensive experience working with industry and government sponsors on both fundamental and applied research projects, yielding successful outcomes that often exceed the expected value-add these projects bring to the sponsors. Several of our current and previous sponsors include the following organizations:

Want to know more about how WI Lab can help you? Please send us an email at alexw@WPI.EDU for more information about potential research sponsorship.