Actuation, Sensing and Control of Posture in Dynamic Environments for Improved Vehicle Safety



We live in very exciting times. What once was science fiction is now becoming reality: Self-driving cars, cars that are aware of their passengers and dynamic external environments, smart cars that may truly successfully accomplish safety for all. However, still missing is a better understanding of humans in the system. Moreover, the right tools to study this extremely important research question are also lacking: The state of the art test dummy technology assumes passive response and hasn’t substantially changed in the last four decades. The central research theme of this collaboration, spanning a wide variety of topics in human biomechanics and robotics, is human-centered driving safety. To that end, this collaboration seeks to create a new generation of human-like test robots as well as other safety-related systems.


Faculty and Research Scientist


Michael Gennert
Director, Robotics Engineering
Professor, Computer Science
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
WPI Humanoid Robotics Lab
Hideyuki Kimpara
Visiting Research Scientist – WPI
Sr. Principal Engineer – Toyota Research Institute North America (TRINA)
Marko B. Popovic
Professor, Robotics Engineering
Assistant Research Professor, Physics
Associated with Biomedical Engineering
Popovic Labs
Karen Lindsay Troy
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Associated with Mechanical Engineering
Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory

PhD Candidate

Matthew Bowers 131x160

Matthew Bowers
PhD Candidate, Robotics Engineering
Popovic Labs