Imaging and Simulation Laboratory

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Current Graduate Students

Christina Yuan

Medical Imaging is the cross-discipline where I can combine my academic background in Mathematics, Signal Processing, Electronics, with my research experience in Optimization Algorithms and Programming. As a research assistant, I have been embarking on the journey of my Ph.D. study since August, 2008. My research involves Elasticity Imaging for Trauma by virtue of the Sonix RP ultrasound scanner. We also hope to develop a freehand 3D elasticity imaging in our future research.

Li Liu

My PhD research is to design a low-cost, portable, computer-based ultrasound simulator, including software and hardware, to facilitate specialists and medical school students faster learning ultrasound operation and diagnosis techniques by implementing the most of real-ultrasound-similar functions based on our designed training materials and automatic performance assessment module.

I received my B.S. (2005) and M.S. (2008) degrees in Electronics Information Engineering School in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. I worked in Analog Devices as a DSP application engineer focusing on Medical and Video Surveillance application from 2008 to 2011.

Lei Wang

Based on clinical experience, good daily care, especially through patients’ self-management, is necessary for promoting wound healing of the patients with type diabetes. My research work, which is a part of the NSF project about the development of an android smartphone based application for type 2 diabetic patients’ self-management, is to develop an image analysis system to monitor the diabetic foot ulcer healing status based on smartphone. The first version of this system is completed. In this system, the foot sole image is taken by the smartphone camera with assistance of a footrest. Then the image is transmitted to a “black box” such as a laptop or embedded computer with high computation capability. On the black box, the wound boundary is determined and the healing, infected and necrotic part is delineated accurately. At last, all the processing results are transmitted back to smartphone and display on the screen. In future, we plan to do wound healing trend analysis based on a sequence of wound images. Besides, a fast, accurate and smartphone runnable real time image analysis algorithm is supposed to be design.