Imaging and Simulation Laboratory

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Recent Publications

Journal Papers:

L. Wang, P.C. Pedersen, D. Strong, B. Tulu, E. Agu and R. Ignotz, “Smartphone based wound assessment system for patients with diabetes.” IEEE Trans. Biomedical Engineering,February 2015, pp. 477 – 488.

L. Yuan and P.C. Pedersen, “Analytical signal phase based strain estimation for ultrasound elasticity.” IEEE Trans. Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control,January 2015, pp. 185 – 207.

J. Kutarnia and P.C. Pedersen, “A Markov random field approach to group-wise registration/mosaicing with application to ultrasound.” Medical Image Analysis, August 2015, pp.106 – 124.

L. Liu, J. Kutarnia, P. Belady and P.C. Pedersen, “Obstetric Ultrasound Simulator With Task-based Training and Assessment.” IEEE Trans. Biomedical Engineering, October 2015, pp. 2480 – 2497.

L. Wang, P. C. Pedersen, D. M. Strong, B. Tulu, E. Agu, R. Ignotz and Q. He, “An automatic assessment system of diabetic foot ulcers based on wound area determination, color segmentation and healing score evaluation.” J. Diabetes Science and Technology, August 2015, pp. 1 – 8.

Conference Papers:

L. Liu, J. Kutarnia, P.C. Pedersen and P. Belady, “Personal Training Simulator for Asynchronous Learning of Obstetric Ultrasound.” Vol 196 Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, IOS Press. Proceedings of the 21st  NextMed/MMVR Conference, Manhattan Beach, CA, February 20-24, 2014, pp. 252 – 258.

D. Strong, B. Tulu, E. Agu, P.C. Pedersen, L. Wang and Q. He, “Design of the Feedback Engine for a Diabetes Self-care Smartphone App. “The 20th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2014). Savanna, GA, August 7- 10, 2014.

L. Yuan and P.C. Pedersen, “Analytical Phase Tracking Based Strain Estimator for Quasi-Static Elastography.” International Tissue Elasticity Conference (ITEC 2014). Snowbird, Utah. Sept. 7 -10, 2014.

L. Yuan and P.C. Pedersen, “Strain Estimator based on Analytical Phase Tracking,” 2014 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Chicago, IL, Sept. 3 – 6, 2014.

L. Wang, P.C. Pedersen, D. Strong, B. Tulu, E. Agu and Q. He, “Assessing Diabetic Foot Ulcer Healing at Wound Clinics: Development of a tracking system using SVM based classification.” 2014 Diabetes Technology Society Meeting, Bethesda, Maryland, Nov. 6 – 8, 2014.

D. Strong, E. Agu, P.C. Pedersen, B. Tulu, Q. He L. Wang and D. Harlan, “Sugar: A Mobile Phone App for Diabetes and Diabetic Wound Management.” American Medical Informatics Association 2014 Annual Symposium. Washington, D.C., Nov. 15 – 19, 2014.

P.C Pedersen, L. Liu, J. Kutarnia and P. Belady, Obstetrics Ultrasound Simulator for Self-Paced Training and Assessment. 2015 AIUM Annual Convention, Lake Buena Vista, FL, March 21 – 25, 2015. (Oral presentation)