Imaging and Simulation Laboratory

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

obstetric ultrasound videos

Module 2: Orientation to the obstetric space

Task 2a: Loacate an image plane that contains both the bladder and the internal os of cervix, locate bladder/lower uterine segment/cervix

Task 2b: Determine fetal position:  cephalic, breech or transverse – show longitudinal lower segment image with presenting part.

Task 2c: Determine placental position:  anterior, posterior, fundal, previa – demonstrate a longitudinal lower segment image and transverse mid-uterine.

Task 2d: Find amniotic fluid index (AFI), measure vertical pocket in 4 quadrants, label appropriate quadrants (RUQ, LUQ,LLQ and RLQ, show vertical measurements.

Module 3: Fetal landmarks and biometry

Task 3a: Measure biparietal diameter (BPD): transverse view of head with thalami, no posterior fossa structures, along with occipitofrontal diameter to calculate biparietal diameter.

Task 3b: Measure abdominal circumference (AC): Transverse, level of stomach bubble and J shape of umbilical vein, no ribs, measure AP and lateral diameters.

Task 3c: Measure femur length (FL): measure femur closest to and parallel to transducer.

Task 3d: Estimate fetal weight: Calculate estimated fetal weight (EFW) using standard growth curves based on the previous measurements.