February 2014:

At the 2014 21st Annual Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference held in Manhattan Beach, California February 19 -22. Oral presentation, Li Liu and Peder C. Pedersen, “Personal Training Simulator for Asynchronous Learning of Obstetric Ultrasound

October 2013:

At the Diabetes Technology Society Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Oct. 31 – Nov. 2, 2013., Lei Wang gave a poster presentation entitled “Smartphone-Based Wound Assessment System for Diabetic Patients.” Co-authors are P.C. Pedersen, D. Strong, B. Tulu, E. Agu and Q. He

September 2013:

At the Second World Congress on Ultrasound in Medical Education, Columbia, SC, Sept. 27-29, 2013, Peder C Pedersen gave a presentation entitled “Affordable, PC-based Ultrasound Training Simulator.” Co-authors are J. Kutarnia, L. Liu and P. Belady.

April 2013:

At the 2013 Annual Convention of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, held in New York City April 6 -10, Peder Pedersen gave an invited talk entitled, “Quantitative properties of the Lung: An open Question.”

March 2013:

At the 2013 HDI Aspinwall Symposium, held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute on March 20, two equipment demonstrations from the Ultrasound Lab were presented.

The first exhibit involved the ultrasound training simulator, being developed by PhD students Jason Kutarnia and Li Liu. The photo of the display shows Li Liu and Peder C Pedersen.

The second exhibit involved the smart phone based image analysis system for diabetic wound, developed by Lei Wang, and the associated smart phone app, developed by Qian (Steve) He and advised by Emmanuel Agu, Diane Strong and Bengisu Tulu. The photo below shows from left to right Peder C Pedersen, Bengisu Tulu, Diane Strong, Yejin Li, Lei Wang and Steve He.

February 2013:

Presentations at the SPIE Medical Imaging conference, Lake Buena Vista, FL:

J. Kutarnia and P.C. Pedersen, 3D Seam Selection Techniques with Application to Improved Ultrasound Mosaicing.

L. Wang, P.C. Pedersen, E. Agu, D.M. Strong and B. Tulu, Wound Image Analysis System.

Jason Kutarnia received cum laude (first prize) for his poster, selected among approx. 150 competing posters. Read more…


October 2012:

Presentation at the International Tissue Elasticity Conference, Deauville, France.

L. Yuan and P.C. Pedersen, Strain Estimation for Quasi-Static Elastography through Analytical Phase Tracking.

April 2012:

Presentation on the Portable Ultrasound Simulator System at the 2012 AIUM Annual Convention, Phoenix, AZ.

February, 2012:

Presentations at The 19th Annual Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference, Newport Beach, CA:

Jason Kutarnia and P.C. Pedersen, Generation of 3D Ultrasound Training Volumes from Freehand Acquired Data. Oral presentation.

P.C. Pedersen and D. Skehan, Personal Low-Cost Training System. Poster presentation, selected for Best Poster.

August 2011:

Received 4 year NSF grant, “Patient-Centered Diabetic Wound Care Using Smart Phones”, from the Smart Health and Well-Being program, part of Information and Intelligent Systems within National Science Foundation.