Imaging and Simulation Laboratory

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


MISSION: The Imaging and Simulation Laboratory currently focuses on ultrasound training simulators and on imaging tools that provide quantitative, rather than qualitative, information.


torsoUltrasound is a real-time, versatile and lower cost imaging modality. However, in contrast to CT and MRI, it requires substantial training to be utilized competently. The last decade has seen the emergence of smaller, portable, yet capable scanners, often referred to as Point-of-Care (POC) scanners.

While the majority of ultrasound scans are performed by trained sonographers, there is a rapidly expanding group of new ultrasound practitioners, using POC scanners for whom ultrasound training is not always available, affordable or standardized. In response to
this challenge, we have developed a simulator for training in ultrasound scanning, with obstetric ultrasound as the demonstration discipline. More…


footChronic wound care is costly, time consuming and inconvenient for patients. The assessment is done manually using standardized scales and indices based on visual examination. Such evaluation is somewhat subjective and is not always recorded in a consistent format. Travel to wound clinics is often a hardship, especially for mobility-impaired patients. More…

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