Laboratory for Enabling Technologies in Medical Imaging

The mission of the Laboratory for Enabling Technologies in Medical Imaging is to improve accuracy and ease-of-use for medical imaging methods and tools for the end user.   This is best illustrated with short summaries of selected current research activities.

We are developing smart phone app that tracks the area and healing status of chronic wounds along with other relevant health parameters, with the goal of reducing the number of visits to the wound clinic. The end user may be a type 2 diabetic with chronic ulcers for whom wound management is a major challenge.

Telemedicine enables clinicians in remote locations to consult with specialists at major hospitals. Specifically, in collaboration with the company iPixcel, our lab has developed a tele-sonography system, which allows real-time streaming of ultrasound from a remote site, such as  a rural clinic, to hospital, along with two-way voice. Thus, an end user may be a trauma nurse treating an accident victim, who needs consultation whether or not to evacuate the patient.

Ultrasound is an affordable, yet powerful imaging modality, which nonetheless requires extensive training to be utilized effectively. While traditional ultrasound scanning is performed by well-trained sonographers, there is a rapidly expanding group of new users of diagnostic ultrasound for whom ultrasound training is not readily available, affordable and standardized.

Our lab has for several years worked to develop an ultrasound training simulator to provide additional training and thus to expand the use of ultrasound, including in developing countries. This ultrasound trainer is compact, portable, PC/laptop based and affordable, which makes personal ownership feasible. It uses realistic ultrasound image material and a physical transducer so that the proper psycho-motor skills can be developed.

We invite you to explore this web site and learn about the ongoing research activities.

For further information, please contact:

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