Technical Presentation 1: Personal Wireless Testbeds for SDR

octoScope designs and produces wireless personal testbeds that guarantee a stable, repeatable RF environment. Our testbeds are the de facto standard for performance testing, with many applications for the SDR community. We provide testbeds complete with partner devices, attenuators, and multipath emulators, allowing engineers to emulate real-world scenarios in a controlled RF environment. In addition, all the devices in our testbeds are remotely controllable. We include with each of our testbeds an octoBox Server, which controls octoBox testbed devices and automates standard wireless performance tests. SDR allows for rapid cycle time changes to the radios themselves, and, with its ease of use and highly reproducible environment, the octoBox solution allows for rapid verification of those changes. At NSDR 2018, we will introduce one of our standard testbed configurations as well as an advanced Wi-Fi sniffer solution.


Nandini Venkatraman received a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer engineering from San Diego State University, California, USA in 2014. She has implemented a new MAC layer design for use of Multi-Beam Smart Antennas in Wireless LAN communications as part of research during her master’s study. She is currently working as a Senior Systems Engineer for octoScope Inc in Littleton Massachusetts. She has worked on developing test methodologies for complex RF MIMO OTA testing and algorithms for MU-MIMO and beamforming in 802.11 standards. While at octoScope, she has worked with testing labs like SmallNetBuilder for benchmarking test solutions.