Short Course 1: “Real Time Over-the-Air Communications Links with MATLAB/Simulink”

In this talk we show how you can transmit and receive over-the-air signals with MATLAB and a variety of hardware, such as RTL-SDR, ADALM-PLUTO (PlutoSDR), and USRP.  We will work with applications like broadcast FM, ADS-B (aircraft tracking), and QPSK.  We show how you can build up your own wireless communications link, learning practical receiver design in the process.

After the talk, we will conduct a workshop for up to 50 attendees to download the RTL-SDR driver on your personal laptops.  We will give you an RTL-SDR radio to keep, walk you through the install process, and launch several applications to ensure proper installation.  To participate in this workshop, you must have MATLAB R2017b or later loaded on your laptop, and you must also have Communications System Toolbox loaded in your MATLAB install.

If need be, you can install the required products through the Home Version or the Student Version.  A Communications System Toolbox install must include DSP System Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox, and MATLAB.  Simulink is optional.