SDR with E310 using Simulink — Mathworks

This tutorial focuses on demonstrating modeling Software Defined Radio-based designs in  MATLAB and Simulink® and configuring and deploying on the E310. Topics presented will include modeling communication systems using Simulink, implementing radio I/O with E310 and Simulink, and prototyping deployment with real-time data via HW/SW co-design.

Prior knowledge of programming Xilinx Zynq SoCs with MATLAB and Simulink, and knowledge of communications systems and hardware design are prerequisites.


Model Communication system using Simulink

Model and simulate RF signal chain and communication algorithms

  • Overview of Software Defined Radio concepts and workflows.
  • Simulate a communication system that includes a transmitter, AD9361 transceiver, channel, and receiver (RF test environment).

Implement Radio I/O with E310 SDR and Simulink

Verify the operation of baseband transceiver algorithm using real data streamed from the AD9361 into MATLAB and Simulink.

  • Overview of System objects and hardware platforms
  • Perform baseband processing in MATLAB and Simulink on received signal
  • Verify algorithm performance for real data versus simulated data.

Hardware-Software Co-Design for Software

Split and deploy Tx/Rx algorithms to PL and PS

  • Overview of Zynq HW/SW co-design workflow
  • Implement transmitter and receiver on PL/PS using HW/SW co-design workflow
  • Download generated code to the ARM & FPGA, and tune system parameters in real-time operation via Simulink