Emissions – Vol. 3, No. 2

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Greetings from the Boston Software-Defined Radio User Group (SDR-Boston)! Here is your August 2016 edition of the Emissions monthly e-newsletter, which summarizes some the latest developments in software-defined radio technology from the New England area and around the world. If you have something to share with the rest of the SDR-Boston community, please drop us an email via sdr-boston-emissions@wpi.edu.

Upcoming Events

DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge

The second DARPA challenge focusing on wireless communications, RF spectrum, and software defined radio is on!  Check out the latest details at the following link!

Local News & Announcements

Embedded version of UmTRX is finally available for everyone

XTRX is a tiny embedded SDR in miniPCIe form factor. Designed as a platform for next generation telecom systems, it provides 2×2 MIMO 160 MSps @12 bit IQ stream with <10us expected bus latency and sports high quality 100ppb GPS disciplined VCTCXO. A simple carrier board can be used to synchronize 2/4/8/16/32 or more XTRX boards to form a massive MIMO system. Find out more by clicking here.

Internship Opportunity at Philips Lighting Research North America

Philips Lighting Research North America, located in Cambridge, MA, is seeking a graduate student with experience in wireless communications and SDR implementation for a research intern opening in wireless communications. The start date is flexible, and the internship duration is about 3 months. If interested, please send resumes to Dr. Yuting Zhang (yuting.zhang@philips.com) and the project lead, Mr. Dan Jiang (dan.jiang@philips.com).

Interested in Posting an Announcement in Emissions?

Have something to share with the New England SDR community?  Hosting an upcoming SDR-related event or seminar somewhere in the region that is open to the public?  If so, let us know!  The SDR-Boston Emissions e-newsletter is sent out on a monthly basis, and it is a great way of informing the New England SDR community about the latest news, events, and activities focusing on SDR technology and applications. Best of all, it is free to post!  Email us at sdr-boston-emissions@wpi.edu with respect to including an announcement in an upcoming Emissions.

SDR News from Around the World

White House Offers $400 Million For 5G Developments

The White House has announced a $400 million advanced wireless research initiative to build on Obama’s broadband policy. The goal is to help pave the way for 5G technology that can benefit advances such as the internet of things. Find out more by clicking here.

FCC vote opens spectrum for 5G connectivity, boosting IoT and mobile video

The FCC recently voted to set aside some wireless spectrum above 24 GHz for use in 5G connectivity and the Internet of Things. Find out more by clicking here.

The Problem with Software Defined Radio

At HOPE last weekend, the folks behind the very capable LimeSDR and a new company working with Lime’s hardware laid out the possibilities of what software defined radio can do if you make a link to a computer very fast, and add some processing on the SDR itself. Find out more by clicking here.

New IoT Threat Exploits Lack of Encryption in Wireless Keyboards

The researchers who discovered MouseJack reveal a new vulnerability that allows attackers to remotely “sniff” keystrokes of some wireless keyboards. Find out more by clicking here.

DARPA puts its money on spectrum sharing

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced a Spectrum Collaboration Challenge in March designed to leverage emerging machine-learning tools. The goal is to develop smart systems that can adapt in real time to congested spectrum as a way to boost the overall flow of radio frequency signals. Find out more by clicking here.

How Bandwidth Thieves Will Be Nabbed in the Future

A bandwidth-theft solution that utilizes crowdsourcing gets fuding, promises to change how pirates are caught. Find out more by clicking here.

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