Emissions – Vol. 1, No. 6

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Greetings from the Boston Software-Defined Radio User Group (SDR-Boston)! Here is your July 2014 edition of the Emissions monthly e-newsletter, which summarizes some the latest developments in software-defined radio technology from the New England area and around the world. If you have something to share with the rest of the SDR-Boston community, please drop us an email via sdr-boston-emissions@wpi.edu.

Local News

NEWSDR 2014 was a Resounding Success!

The objective of the Fourth New England Workshop on Software Defined Radio (NEWSDR 2014) was to bring together individuals interested in SDR implementations and applications from across New England to a single venue in order to share ideas and brainstorm together, to network with each other and seek out collaborative opportunities, and to foster an SDR community within our geographical area.  Based on the event turn-out (over 90 attendees) and feedback we have received, NEWSDR 2014 was definitely a success!  This was all made possible via contributions from the New England SDR community, as well as the generous support provided by our sponsors: MathWorks, National Instruments, Ettus Research LLC, Analog Devices, MediaTek, and Range Networks.  For details of NEWSDR 2014, including the workshop programme and photos from the event, please visit the following link.

SDR News from Around the World

Gigabit Libraries Network Launches TV White Spaces Coverage Map

Public libraries in the US have been part of an ongoing trial project that will allow them to use their own TV White Space (TVWS) to provide public access broadband.  Now, the Gigabit Libraries Network (GLN) released a new interactive online national map showing prospective TV White Spaces (TVWS) coverage zones for all 16,500+ public libraries in the U.S. Find out more by clicking here.

A GSM Base Station With Software Defined Radio

If you’re wondering how to get a better signal on your cellphone, or just want to set up your own private cell network, this one is for you. It’s a GSM base station made with a BeagleBone Black and a not too expensive software defined radio board. Find out more by clicking here.

Creating an Open-Source Multiband RC Transmitter

At one of the Gadget Smackdown sessions at the EE Live! 2014 conference and exhibition, I had the chance to present a conceptual project that I hope to make reality soon. This project is an open-source radio transmitter for RC hobbyists. This transmitter will be reconfigurable, allowing it to operate over multiple frequency bands using multiple protocols. The plan is to create a modular, open-source, software-defined radio (SDF), but what brought about the need for something like this? Find out more by clicking here.

Boeing acquires small hardware, software engineering firm

Boeing Co. has acquired Ventura Solutions Inc. in a move that boosts Boeing’s information and security capabilities. Ventura is developing REDHAWK, a software-defined radio framework designed to support the development, deployment and management of real-time software radio applications, according to the company’s website. The company also specializes in DSP engineering and system engineering. Find out more by clicking here.

China Unicom deploys SDN-based RAN

China Unicom aims to boost its speed to market for LTE services following the deployment of a software-defined radio access network at its Sichuan business. Find out more by clicking here.

Auto Industry: WiFi Bill Could Hurt “Talking Cars”

A new Senate bill that would open up more of the wireless spectrum is getting a chilly reception from auto trade groups, which say the plan could affect their efforts to introduce vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The groups say the bill could hold back a potentially lifesaving technology. Find out more by clicking here.

Microsoft brings tech to the classroom with TV White Space

Microsoft South Africa, in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, the University of Limpopo, and local networking firm Multisource, with regulatory support from the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa have officially launched the implementation phase of the TV White Space (TVWS) pilot project. The pilot project is part of the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative and its end goal is to help ignite Africa’s economic development and improve its global competitiveness through innovation, world-class skills and affordable access. Find out more by clicking here.

Vodafone and Huawei achieve GSM-LTE Dynamic Spectrum Sharing trial

Huawei, a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has announced the implementation of GSM-LTE Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (GL DSS) trial with Vodafone Spain.  GL DSS is able to improve LTE capacity by up to 50 percent through maximizing wireless spectrum utilization. This trial represents a milestone in the innovation of Huawei’s Single Radio Controller (SRC) that was released in 2013. Find out more by clicking here.

Software defined radio, part 2: Mac OS X and Windows

In this final installment about Software Defined Radio (SDR), we show how to start using a Realtek RTL2832U based SDR dongle with a Mac OS X or Windows computer. Find out more by clicking here.

Imec reports record ADC for next-generation software defined radio

Nanoelectronics research centre imec will present at this week’s VLSI circuits symposium 2014 (Honolulu, June 13) a low power pipelined SAR (successive-approximation register) ADC (analog to digital converter) in 28nm digital CMOS with record resolution, speed and power performance. The novel ADC targets wireless receivers for next-generation software defined radio, including wireless standards such as LTE-advanced and the emerging generation of Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11ac). Find out more by clicking here.

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