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Technical Resources

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs):

ROVs are physically tethered robotic vehicles connected to a vessel that launches them. Additionally, they are controlled by operators on the vessel. Use of ROVs extends to fields such as underwater constructionand maintenance as well as research. Important characteristics are:

  • Wired with a tether
  • Require a tether management system (TMS)
  • Operator controlled (no autonomy)
  • Uses navigation modules to aid the operator

Click here for more information regarding ROVs.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs):

AUVs are completely autonomous. Therefore, unlike ROVs, AUVs do not require a tether to operate. Due to the advancement of artificial intelligence software, AUVs have become a more logical choice than ROVs to complete certain objectives. In fact, there are many task that AUVs are able to complete that ROVs cannot.  Logically, we have decided to construct WAVE as an AUV due to the superiority of AUVs over ROVs with modern technology. Characteristics of AUVs include:

  • Complete autonomy
  • Sensor suites for navigation
  • Diversity of propulsion techniques
  • Battery Management system

Click here for more information regarding AUVs.

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)

AUVSI is an international non-profit organization. Each year AUVSI holds a robotic submersible competition. We are taking the AUVSI competition guidelines into account while designing WAVE.

Click here for more information regarding AUVSI.

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