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Computer Science Team

Name:   Daniel Miller

Major:   Robotics Engineering & Computer Science

Favorite Robot:   WALL-E

About:  Likely the biggest nerd you’ve met to date. Owns more computers than shoes. My blood type is internet, and Pluto is most definitely a planet.


Name:   Eddie Osowski

Major:   Robotics Engineering & Computer Science

Favorite Robot:   Curiosity

About:   I’m 21 years old, from Mansfield, MA. On-campus  I work for the SNAP and Gateway Shuttle transportation services and I am a member of WPI EMS. I spent this past summer working at ITG as an intern working on Rally web apps and Sharepoint integration.


Name:   Angel Trifonov

Major:   Computer Science

Favorite Robot:   Bender from Futurama

About:   I’m a Computer Science major. My main   academic and career interests are Software Engineering and Databases. My plan is to pursue a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Hobbies include, but not limited to, playing video games, going to concerts, reading all kinds   of fiction, and cooking.


Electrical and Computer Engineering Team


Name:   Ijeoma Ezeonyebuchi

Major:   Electrical and Computer Engineering

Favorite Robot:   Transformers

About:   Hey I’m Ijeoma , from the DC area, and I love the city. I love watching movies and I am always listening to the next new song. I also enjoy spending time with my TNX sisters.


Name:   Breanna E. McElroy

Major:   Electrical and Computer Engineering

Favorite Robot:   R2D2

About:   I’m a small town kid from Corn, Oklahoma (Google map that place and try not to be impressed, I dare you.) I love  road trips, music, and volunteering/helping others. Even more, I love my God, family, friends,  and  my toilet-trained,  follows-me-for- long-walks-without-a-leash kitten, Yamcha.



Name:   Neal Sacks

Major:   Robotics Engineering & Electrical and Computer Engineering

Favorite Robot:   Megatron

About:   I enjoy playing any kind of card game and am always  looking for new ones to learn. I’m a pretty  awesome person, and I love robots!


Adam Vadala-Roth

Name:   Adam Vadala-Roth

Major:   Robotics Engineering

Favorite Robot:  Boston Dynamics’ Big Dog

About: My two passions are robotics and music. At WPI I am a robotics engineering major with a keen interest in electrical computer engineering and President of the WPI Recording Club. My hobbies include, playing guitar, drums and bass recording music, vinyl collecting / vintage stereo equipment, inventing various gadgets, and printed circuit board design. My dream job would be working research and development in either robotics or electronic consumer product design.


Mechanical Engineering Team


Name:   Sidney Batchelder

Major:   Robotics Engineering

Favorite Robot:   Titan Mare Explorer

About:   My dream job consists of developing marine robots for research purposes, ideally where I’d spend half the time in a lab and the other half deploying said robots from a ship around the world, but we’ll see where life goes. Beyond academics I enjoy kayaking, hiking, rock-climbing, contra dancing, capoeira, adventures and exploring.


Name:   Anna Chase

Major:   Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Robot:   The autonomous agile aerial robots produced by Penn State’s GRASP Laboratories.

About:   I’m interested in innovative, sustainable designs. At school I’m a member of Students for a Just and Sustainable Future. For fun I love gardening, boat rides, and playing my cello.


Name:   Cory Lauer

Major:   Robotics Engineering

Favorite Robot:  



Name:   Elizabeth Morris

Major:   Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Robot:   SlugBot 

About:   I’m a mechanical engineering major and during  the past few years I’ve also worked towards a robotics concentration. I love watching movies and hanging out with friends in some of my free time. I also enjoy doing community service, and I’m a member of the national, co-ed, community service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega.


Name:   Christopher Overton

Major:   Robotics Engineering

Favorite Robot:  



Project Advisers


Name:   Michael J. Ciaraldi

Major:   Physics

Favorite Robot: Gort

About:   Since 1999 I have been Professor of Practice at WPI in Computer Science and Robotics Engineering. The greatest thing about working at WPI is the chance to work with the students on so many different projects, so it is always interesting. Some of these have included Moonraker (winner of the NASA Lunar Excavation Challenge, 2009), Oryx (winner of the NASA Sample Retrun Challenge, 2010), and Prometheus (Rookie of the Year at the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, 2010). My interests include curriculum creation, software development, user interface design, networking, and embedded systems.



Name:   Susan M. Jarvis

Major:  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Favorite Robot: Curiosity

About:   The best thing about being an electrical or computer engineer (I’ve been called both!) is that it is a profession that can literally take you anywhere. My current research involves species level identification and localization of marine mammals in the open ocean. I’ve been able to blend my background in ECE subjects like digital signal processing, classification theory, and real-time computing with other technical topics like underwater acoustics and my lifelong love for the ocean.


Name:   Stephen S. Nestinger

Major:   MAE – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Robotics

Favorite Robot:   Johnny 5

About:   Professor Nestinger is associated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Robotics
Engineering Program, and Computer Science Department at WPI. His research interests include
Systems Integration, Distributed Systems, Legged Locomotion, Bio-inspired design and algorithms,
mobile agent technology, and multi-robot systems.


Name:   Craig Putnam

Major:  Physics

Favorite Robot: T-1000

About:   After many years in industry, it’s time for me to give back. One way I have done that is through my involvement with FIRST Robotics. Over the past 15+ years I have been a FIRST parent, mentor, and team leader. More recently I have been judging in FLL and FRC tournaments at the regional, state, and national level. The other way I give back is through teaching. I take a great deal of pride and pleasure in helping students get off to a good start in their engineering careers. And there is nothing more rewarding than a former student stopping by several years later to say ‘Thanks’.


Name:   Kenneth Alan Stafford


Favorite Robot:

About:   Ken came to WPI in 1994 as the department head of Aerospace Studies. Shortly after his retirement as a USAF colonel in 1997, he was hired to manage several WPI student design competition teams, including the WPI/Mass Academy of Math and Science FIRST robotics team (FRC190). This team has since grown to become one of the most popular student activities at WPI and has received more than 60 local, regional, and international awards and trophies-including the 2007 World Championship. Currently assigned as director of the Robotics Resource Center and associate director of the Robotics Engineering Program, he was a member of the interdisciplinary team that developed the Robotics Engineering (RBE) curriculum and established WPI’s RBE bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degree programs.

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