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Project Presentation Prep

We will officially presenting our current progress on WAVE on April, 18 for WPI’s Project Presentation Day. This past week all three teams were focused on creating a presentation and practicing delivering it. The presentation is divided into the following categories: introduction & overview, mechanical design, electrical design, software design, future work, and conclusions. This breakdown will show you the motivations for the project, the individual sub-system challenges, and the integration of the sub-systems into the WAVE platform. Since the majority of the effort is being placed on this presentation, we will be light on technical updates for the time being.



As you can see from the above image, the 80/20 has finally arrived, and we were able to construct our chassis frame. Now that we have the chassis assembled, we can begin the process of system integration and field testing. Additionally, the process of threading the end caps for the waterproof connection cables has begun. Electronics rack configurations are being worked on, and the threaded inserts will provide the ability of inter-module connectivity. We are able to begin this process because our most recent dive test has shown that the new gasket on the end caps is waterproof. On the electrical side of the project, AHD revision 2 is being assembled, and we hope to resolve the code downloading issues from the previous revision. All of the boards have been received and testing has begun. In regards to software, synchronous and asynchrounous tasks as running. We are fast approaching our deadline, and we have discussed a technical stop date to work on fleshing out the report and presentation. We will keep you updated.

Prototyping Continues

As we continue the development of prototypes for WAVE, we wish to provide you all with another update. The electronics housing components have all been accounted for in the solid-works diagram. The rack for the electronics can now be designed to fit all of these components. Also, we had our first pool submersion test. A tiny leak was found with one of the end caps, but because of this test we will be able to rectify this problem immediately. Sensor prototypes for temperature and pressure have also been created. On the software side, the USB connection is still showing errors, even in Linux. The source seems to be a build configuration within the descriptor files. The error has been pinpointed, so we will now attempt to change the descriptor file. Mission tasks have also been created. XML files are being used to read the mission commands. Serialization and deserialization needs to be accounted for to remove some minor bugs. With the continual development and sub system testing, we are working diligently towards full system integration for WAVE.

D Term – The Final Push

Hello everyone. D-Term has officially begun, and after our successful spring break work week, we are ready to make the final push to complete WAVE. Major developments were made for each team. The ME Team successfully manufactured the end caps for the pressure vessel. Additionally, 80/20 has finally been ordered, so when it arrives the chassis will be able to be constructed. The ECE team was able to successfully download the echo server to the board, but a new problem has arisen. The drivers are no longer recognized in Windows operating system. The solution will be to attempt to download/run in Linux. The batteries were also successfully charged. Finally, the functionality of the motor board has been verified. The CS team also had new developments. They have been able to set up a serial library to connect to the IMU sensor. The attitude indicator is able to receive information from the sensor now. These updates from the three teams have been crucial to development of WAVE. With only a few weeks remaining in the term, we expect to continue providing you with major progress.