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Project Presentation has come and gone, and the unveiling of WAVE was a great success. The team presented the design of each subsystem as well as the planned integration. We also proudly displayed WAVE’s components alongside the poster. The audience asked numerous questions, and we were able to answer them all as well as articulate the future of the project. Our presentation gained attention as we were asked to give the presentation a second time at The AUVSI New England Chapter’s First Annual Breakfast Meeting. This request is a huge honor as our goal is to compete in the AUVSI competition. This meeting will take place on May 28th, and although some of our team members will be graduating, others will continue to work on WAVE and stay at WPI. We will update you with the results of this meeting.

End of B Term

Hello everyone. B Term is coming to a close, and we have one last update before the new year. This week the ME decided to switch the pressure vessel from a cylindrical shape to a rectangular prism. They also will be working on calculating flow and drag. The ECE team finished the power schematic and received all parts for the AHD board revision. The prototype will be assembled within the week. Meanwhile the CS team has been able to connect to the FitPC to a DyIO. Currently they are working on creating a GUI for the poolside interface. At the individual team advisor meetings, each team will present a show and tell of everything they have accomplished. We hope everyone has a terrific holiday break, and we will see you all in 2013 and C Term.

Ride the WAVE

Well it’s been our first week since the PDR, which means we have been working towards our end of term goals. One pressing question from the PDR that was addressed was the buoyancy of our robot. The ME team addressed this issue by proposing a change from a cylindrical pressure vessel to one that is a rectangular prism. This new model allows our chassis to become more neutrally buoyant. In other news, the ECE team has finalized the first revision of the Abstract Hardware Device. They have composed a three ring binder containing all of the schematics and reference sheets pertaining to the AHD. Finally, the CS team has assembled their Fit PC. The plan is to enable  remote access for Ethernet and wireless capabilities. As a group, we have decided to present all of our prototypes at next week’s general body meeting (which has been moved back an hour to 5 pm. so that everyone can attend).

The team has also selected a name for our Robosub. After two rounds of voting, our platform is officially called the Waterborne Autonomous VEhicle or WAVE for short. It’s very exciting to have a name finally chosen as it makes the project more personal.

One last note, within the next 48 hours, major updates will be put into affect on the website. Most (if not all) of the coming soon sections on this site will be updated with the appropriate information. Hopefully, you will be able to gain a greater understanding of WAVE and AUVs in general once these updates have been put into affect.

Preliminary Design Review!!!

This blog post is a few days later than usual, but that was because we were waiting for the PDR to happen before writing one. We had our Preliminary Design Review on Tuesday, November 27. The presentation went very well. Instead of forcing you to read  over 1000 words to hear what happened, please enjoy the PDR in its entirety by watching the below videos. These videos have also been posted in the media section of this website in case you want to view them at a later time.



Preliminary Design Review Part 1 of 2

Preliminary Design Review Part 2 of 2

PDR Runthrough Part Deux

One more week until the PDR! We got another chance to present in front of our advisors. Our presentation was better, but the advisors still believed there was room for improvement. A few critiques that they had included not saying acronyms or technical terms without being able to explain them to the audience. The presentation still lacked some rationale for making certain decisions about the project. A good comment was that while we have been living and breathing this project for months, this will be the audience’s first exposure to the project. This really put our presentation into perspective. When we make our final edits we will be taking that into consideration.


Short blog post this week as we are all busy working on the presentation. We will keep you posted with how it goes!

PDR Runthrough Part I.

Hello everyone. This week we attempted to run through our PDR presentation for the advisers. While our technical content was very good, the advisors informed us that our presentation was lacking in the design process department. For the next revision we will be including  not only the aspects of the project that we have decided upon, but how we decided that these were the best options. We also had three separate presentations for each team, but for the sake of flow, we will be combining them into one presentation.

Due to our actual PDR being so close to Thanksgiving, the advisers thought it would be a good idea to push the presentation back one week. Instead, our PDR will be on Tuesday, November 27 at 3:00 p.m. Once a room has been booked, we will create a flier and pass the information along.

While the bad news is that we are pushing a deadline to another time, the good news is that we get another attempt to present our PDR to our advisors! Next week we hope to have a more polished version of our presentation. Hopefully, we will be headed on the right track to our PDR.

Countdown to PDR

Hello everyone. We met as a team for the first time in B term on Monday, November 5, 2012. Having not met for quite some time, we dove right into business. Prior to the meeting, the ME team worked on the heat properties and materials of the chassis and housing of  the robot. They also calculated the propulsion and drag of the system using estimates for drag coefficients. They also uploaded a CAD model of the chassis and housing design to the SharePoint. It is lacking components and modules, which will be added at a later time.

The ECE team presented their work on the Abstract Hardware device. The schematic is 90% done and contains block diagrams for all of the systems. They are currently laying out the circuitry for revision 1 of the board. The ECE team also outlined the mandatory sensors and found a battery option and buck converters for the power distribution system.  Finally, they are working on programing the device drivers using the NXP development board.

The CS  team created a dataflow path, which included an itemized list of sensor and control inputs. They outlined that the decision making needs to interpret this data. Also, the CS team proposed a request for comments communication protocol for the SharePoint. They hope this will help sure up communication amongst team members.

Lastly, a the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) was scheduled for two weeks from now! We hope to have prototypes completed at this time to present. Next week we plan to do a run through of the PDR at our General Body Meeting.

Only one meeting into the term and we have hit the ground running. The countdown to the PDR has begun!

Frankincane Sandy

Hey there, we hope everyone is staying safe during all of this hurricane business! We just finished our first couple of days back from break and expected to meet yesterday to hear about everyone’s progress, but that unfortunately didn’t work out. WPI actually canceled classes yesterday, which is insane because we never get freebie days. Good news is that we were barely touched by the storm and got an entire free day (extra!)  to dedicate on this project.

Alrighty ya’ll, we’ll see ya’ next week and we hope you have a happy Halloween!