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We’re a group of Worcester Polytechnic Institute students working on our “Major Qualifying Project” (MQP), which is essentially our senior project. Throughout the span of this academic year (August 2012-May 2013), we are going to design and create a modular, robotic submarine- often referred to as an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).

The goal of this project is to create a submersible robotic platform that is capable of completing various tasks through the functionality given by its attached modules. The vision is that once our project is complete, future WPI teams will be able to use it as a starting point, or platform, for further underwater robotic research in what ever niche they are interested in. This project is very useful because these future teams will no longer have to build from scratch, allowing more effective utilization of research time, energy, and funds.

We’re going to develop a standardized mounting and electronics system for implementing modules that will be simple for these future teams to replicate and integrate with the platform as needed for their project. With this, we will also be providing thorough documentation on how our system works (snippets of this documentation will be add to our “Technical Resources” page as we progress).

This will be WPI’s first adaptable underwater research platform and will hopefully be the spark for more underwater research  projects coming out of our University!



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