As you can see from the above image, the 80/20 has finally arrived, and we were able to construct our chassis frame. Now that we have the chassis assembled, we can begin the process of system integration and field testing. Additionally, the process of threading the end caps for the waterproof connection cables has begun. Electronics rack configurations are being worked on, and the threaded inserts will provide the ability of inter-module connectivity. We are able to begin this process because our most recent dive test has shown that the new gasket on the end caps is waterproof. On the electrical side of the project, AHD revision 2 is being assembled, and we hope to resolve the code downloading issues from the previous revision. All of the boards have been received and testing has begun. In regards to software, synchronous and asynchrounous tasks as running. We are fast approaching our deadline, and we have discussed a technical stop date to work on fleshing out the report and presentation. We will keep you updated.

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