Prototyping Continues

As we continue the development of prototypes for WAVE, we wish to provide you all with another update. The electronics housing components have all been accounted for in the solid-works diagram. The rack for the electronics can now be designed to fit all of these components. Also, we had our first pool submersion test. A tiny leak was found with one of the end caps, but because of this test we will be able to rectify this problem immediately. Sensor prototypes for temperature and pressure have also been created. On the software side, the USB connection is still showing errors, even in Linux. The source seems to be a build configuration within the descriptor files. The error has been pinpointed, so we will now attempt to change the descriptor file. Mission tasks have also been created. XML files are being used to read the mission commands. Serialization and deserialization needs to be accounted for to remove some minor bugs. With the continual development and sub system testing, we are working diligently towards full system integration for WAVE.

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