D Term – The Final Push

Hello everyone. D-Term has officially begun, and after our successful spring break work week, we are ready to make the final push to complete WAVE. Major developments were made for each team. The ME Team successfully manufactured the end caps for the pressure vessel. Additionally, 80/20 has finally been ordered, so when it arrives the chassis will be able to be constructed. The ECE team was able to successfully download the echo server to the board, but a new problem has arisen. The drivers are no longer recognized in Windows operating system. The solution will be to attempt to download/run in Linux. The batteries were also successfully charged. Finally, the functionality of the motor board has been verified. The CS team also had new developments. They have been able to set up a serial library to connect to the IMU sensor. The attitude indicator is able to receive information from the sensor now. These updates from the three teams have been crucial to development of WAVE. With only a few weeks remaining in the term, we expect to continue providing you with major progress.

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