Day 3


Halfway through spring break and the ball is rolling. We received a package motors that we rented, and the ME team began testing them underwater. They also constructed a PVC frame. This chassis will be temporary for testing purposes until we receive 80/20. Additionally, ME continued the design process of the electronics rack and the ballast system. ECE successfully tested the motor control board along with designing a ballast board. In regards to the echo server, we are unable to have the board recognized on a windows computer. They have tried connecting the board with downloaded code via USB to several computers, and none of them recognized the device. They tried using Linux and Mac to find the problem, but these did not work as well. The team has contacted NXP tech support and are awaiting a response. CS has been diligently working on the task structure and has been adding javadocs. They are having a problem with bi-directional communications, but they are switching to working on polling the AHRS through java, and the outlook is looking good.

Only two more days of Spring Break, but we are making progress.

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