Day 2


Day 2 has been less about logistics and more about diving headfirst into the project. Multiple tasks were completed today. Most notably is the manufacturing of the two end caps for the pressure vessel. Both were successfully machined and cured with silicone to waterproof the electronics vessel while still providing access to the contents inside. ME has also worked on designing the electronics rack and the ballast system. Another major breakthrough was that the ECE team was able to download the echo server code to the development board. However, now that the code is on the board, the CPU no longer recognizes the board as a peripheral. This seems to be a driver error, but once the problem is solved the echo server will be complete. Additionally, the functionality of the motor board has been confirmed. CS has been working a mission task structure setup to read from XML and a command handler.

As you can see though, we are most excited about the end cap.


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