AUVSI Consideration

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Each team has been working diligently to complete specific tasks to keep on pace with the deliverables schedule. As usual, we will start with the ME team. They made preliminary heat transfer calculations using arbitrary inside and outside temperatures. In order to complete these calculations, the ME team will be contracting the ECE team to find out the maximum temperatures for the different pieces of hardware. Also, power vs drag calculations were made  for the bilge motors. Electrical power, mechanical power, and efficiency were determined. In addition, a series of bilge pump tests were completed. These tests confirmed the calculations of power and efficiency. The ECE team has finished redesigning the power supply. There is talk of switching from a separate power vessel to one unified pressure vessel to store all electronics. This idea will be discussed and evaluated in the coming weeks. The Software for the USB/serial communication for low-level drivers is almost complete. The bulk of the code is written, and the team is now in the debugging process. The second revision of the AHD is also complete. Testing is being done to confirm the functionality. Finally, the CS team made several updates to the GUI and poolside interface. These updates include dials for depth and temperature, a chart of positions over time,  a console log, and a working task hierarchy. RPC calls are still in the works for the the motors.

An important progress note for this week is that the entire team has begun discussing the possibility of competing in AUVSI. It has been calculated that each student will need approximately $1200 to attend. We have also been distinguishing the differences in our MQP goals and the AUVSI specifications. After seeing this contrast, the team determined that after the school year is over that we will need to complete additional work to make the robot meet the AUVSI guidelines. Everyone was fine with this, as we are all excited about the possibility of entering WAVE into this competition. We will have more AUVSI information for you in the following weeks.

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