Monthly Archives: December 2012

End of B Term

Hello everyone. B Term is coming to a close, and we have one last update before the new year. This week the ME decided to switch the pressure vessel from a cylindrical shape to a rectangular prism. They also will be working on calculating flow and drag. The ECE team finished the power schematic and received all parts for the AHD board revision. The prototype will be assembled within the week. Meanwhile the CS team has been able to connect to the FitPC to a DyIO. Currently they are working on creating a GUI for the poolside interface. At the individual team advisor meetings, each team will present a show and tell of everything they have accomplished. We hope everyone has a terrific holiday break, and we will see you all in 2013 and C Term.

Ride the WAVE

Well it’s been our first week since the PDR, which means we have been working towards our end of term goals. One pressing question from the PDR that was addressed was the buoyancy of our robot. The ME team addressed this issue by proposing a change from a cylindrical pressure vessel to one that is a rectangular prism. This new model allows our chassis to become more neutrally buoyant. In other news, the ECE team has finalized the first revision of the Abstract Hardware Device. They have composed a three ring binder containing all of the schematics and reference sheets pertaining to the AHD. Finally, the CS team has assembled their Fit PC. The plan is to enableĀ  remote access forĀ Ethernet and wireless capabilities. As a group, we have decided to present all of our prototypes at next week’s general body meeting (which has been moved back an hour to 5 pm. so that everyone can attend).

The team has also selected a name for our Robosub. After two rounds of voting, our platform is officially called the Waterborne Autonomous VEhicle or WAVE for short. It’s very exciting to have a name finally chosen as it makes the project more personal.

One last note, within the next 48 hours, major updates will be put into affect on the website. Most (if not all) of the coming soon sections on this site will be updated with the appropriate information. Hopefully, you will be able to gain a greater understanding of WAVE and AUVs in general once these updates have been put into affect.