Countdown to PDR

Hello everyone. We met as a team for the first time in B term on Monday, November 5, 2012. Having not met for quite some time, we dove right into business. Prior to the meeting, the ME team worked on the heat properties and materials of the chassis and housing of  the robot. They also calculated the propulsion and drag of the system using estimates for drag coefficients. They also uploaded a CAD model of the chassis and housing design to the SharePoint. It is lacking components and modules, which will be added at a later time.

The ECE team presented their work on the Abstract Hardware device. The schematic is 90% done and contains block diagrams for all of the systems. They are currently laying out the circuitry for revision 1 of the board. The ECE team also outlined the mandatory sensors and found a battery option and buck converters for the power distribution system.  Finally, they are working on programing the device drivers using the NXP development board.

The CS  team created a dataflow path, which included an itemized list of sensor and control inputs. They outlined that the decision making needs to interpret this data. Also, the CS team proposed a request for comments communication protocol for the SharePoint. They hope this will help sure up communication amongst team members.

Lastly, a the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) was scheduled for two weeks from now! We hope to have prototypes completed at this time to present. Next week we plan to do a run through of the PDR at our General Body Meeting.

Only one meeting into the term and we have hit the ground running. The countdown to the PDR has begun!

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