Monthly Archives: October 2012

Frankincane Sandy

Hey there, we hope everyone is staying safe during all of this hurricane business! We just finished our first couple of days back from break and expected to meet yesterday to hear about everyone’s progress, but that unfortunately didn’t work out. WPI actually canceled classes yesterday, which is insane because we never get freebie days. Good news is that we were barely touched by the storm and got an entire free day (extra!)  to dedicate on this project.

Alrighty ya’ll, we’ll see ya’ next week and we hope you have a happy Halloween!

Writing and Break

As this week ends the term, finals are upon us!

The ME team created a weighted decision matrix for the various chassis designs that they are considering. This next week the entire team is going to review the matrix and put in their weighted values.  The ECE team finalized how they are going to layout the module board. The CS team has been planning out the API architecture and is wanting to program in Java.

Aside from those things, the majority of this week’s work went into writing the first two chapters of our report, which we will consolidate this week. Once that is done, we will be on break and come back rested and ready to start designing this RoboSub! (With that said, our next blog will not be up until the end of October.)

More Research

Another fine week here with the Robosub team.

We discussed what type of batteries would be best to use and if we should go with distributed or centralized power. We settled on having centralized power using Lithium Polymer batteries and are tossing around the idea of making it a hot-swappable battery system. We were able to meet with those in charge of the campus pool (in our new rec center woowoo!)  and received the rules we need to follow during testing in the water.

Our advisers reviewed our Statement of Work , and we will make edits this week and then that document should be finalized.  Our SharePoint has been up and running, but there has been some discrepancies on how it is being used, so a presentation will be giving next week to get everyone on the same page. It is hard to believe that just next week is the end of our first quarter! With this, we need to write up the first two chapters of our report- detailing the background of our project and research that we have done. As time is moving right along, we are going to transition from the research to finalizing decisions and designing!