Discuss and Research

Hey hey, a lot of brainstorming, discussion, and research went on this week. The brainstorming led to research and the discussion was still focused on defining everything the robot needs and defining who will be responsible for each task.

The ME team looked into batteries and how to house them, which then brought up the question regarding centralized vs. distributed power. They also focused on what type of standardized mount would be best for our application- rods, rails, or surfaces? The CS team is very keen on having a graphical poolside interface and looked into what it would take to make that possible. They also met with the ECE team and made good progress by finalizing the communication protocol that will be used. Also, the ECE team finally got to meet with their advisers, settled on which microprocessor they will use, and defined their time-line for creating the PCB.

Next week will basically just be an extension of this week- more brainstorming, discussion, and research.

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