Organize. Harmonize. Unify.

Hope everyone had a lovely labor day! Our advisers were off celebrating in their own special ways, while our team of 13 came together again to discuss what each group feels their tasks should be. As we are an interdisciplinary group, it is important for us to establish who is developing what and it is equally important to maintain clear communication so that any group’s designs do not clash with the others.

Each group shared their overall project tasks, but then chatted further about the tasks that are more interconnected with the other groups. The computer science group primarily went into the amount of computation they will implement in each module along with accompanying design considerations. The electrical engineering group focused on the modular electronic system and how it will interface between the modules and the robot itself.  The mechanical engineering group discussed overall chassis shape design considerations and methods for modularity.

While logistical organization is still being figured out, we agreed to use Microsoft Project for creating and maintaining our Gantt chart and decided to use SharePoint as our communications platform.  Also, a task force was created to take the lead in looking for sponsorship and interested companies. If you are interested in what we are doing, but have not been contacted by us then PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us to see how you can help out and get involved.

Our main objective this next week is to get our first draft of the statement of work together, set up SharePoint, establish meeting times for each sub group and their specific advisers, and to keep doing research.

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